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In particular, by implementing a specific training strategy 4 agreed with Member States, the programme complements the national training by adding a multidisciplinary and international dimension, provides the beneficiaries with the ability to carry on international trainings and increase the level of protection of the euro and the quality of cooperation outside the European Union by directly involving the most sensitive third countries in specific training actions (see below "regional cooperation"). C ONSULTATION OF INTERESTED PARTIES The Pericles programme includes a multi-disciplinary set of actions involving stakeholders who are all important in the fight against euro counterfeiting but whose contribution takes different forms technical, legal, financial and law-enforcement.

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This article consists of a brief synthesis of related literature that offers an alternative perspective of continuing education and proposes a model for facilitating continuing education in the workplace.

The model's foundation includes preparing an environment conducive to learning and then focuses on identifying learning needs, setting goals, implementing specific strategies to facilitate self-directed learning, and assessing leaming.

The programme was established by Council Decision 2001/923/EC and 2006/850/EC have prolonged the duration of the programme until 13 December 2013. Management of the programme OLAF is the leading service for the programme.

Continuous contacts with TAIEX/HOME and CEPOL are necessary in order to assure coherence with possible actions potentially linked to the area of the protection of the euro.

The number of counterfeit euro coins removed from circulation in 2010 increased by 8% compared to the year before and its trend has been increasing from 2002 3 .