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Molaro also revealed what went into writing Sheldon and Amy’s long-awaited “coitus” last season, admitting, “Not since the loss of my own virginity have I stressed out or been so invested in a single physical act.

It meant a lot to us, it was a long time in the making.” Molaro says that a couple of aspects of the episode were planned a few years in advance; he knew he wanted to include Bob Newhart as a Force ghost to “give Sheldon some fatherly advice,” and thought that if it happened on Amy’s birthday or another annual date, Sheldon could say that he looked forward to doing it again next year.

“Sons of Anarchy” and “Married with Children” alum Katey Sagal will join the hit CBS comedy as the mother of Kaley Cuoco’s character — a role she played on “8 Simple Rules” as well — and “30 Rock” alum Jack Mc Brayer will play Penny’s brother in the first episode of Season 10, showrunner Steve Molaro revealed at Comic-Con Friday (July 22).

Per CBS, Sagal will play Susan, who is described as stressed out and neurotic from a life with her troubled son.

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