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“If you were to ask me/ After all that we’ve been through / Still believe in magic?

Clearly this is a Fabricated headline to get people to read the story..which in fact if u read it…u would see i said no such thing,” she wrote.

“The damn thing was just my Bio..i was never even interviewed by whatever this is – i guess we are public figures and we have to accept all this -made up insidious headlines plus the dunce people who dont/cant read but love to comment (there should be some law against it) As for whoever wrote this..maybe me alone realize what u tryna do…but low Chris name like you waa style the man.

The English musician stars as a magicienne’s besotted assistant Christophe in the black-and-white music video for Coldplay’s new single “Magic”. He rescues her from the moustachioed, drunk magician Claude (also played by Martin).

The lyrics to “Magic” see Martin sing about being “broken, broken into two”, sparking fans to believe it was written about his failed 10-year marriage to the Oscar-winning US actress.

Efforts to contact Christopher Martin for a comment proved futile.