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"I went to talent shows when I was little and I sang country music.

That's what I was known in my hometown for doing." When she was 13 or so, a local businessman spotted her in a talent show and offered to help her launch a singing career.

"), maybe because she seems almost too perfect: the churchgoing sorority girl who graduates from college magna cum laude, wins American Idol, sells millions of records, hangs out with football players and TV stars (like Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford, with whom she broke up via text message—ouch! It all makes her an easy target for those who want to peel back the facade to look for secret blemishes. For anyone to say anything bad about her—I think they're jealous."That's the bubble, too—the world as a game of telephone: Faith Hill is pissed that Carrie won that CMA award!

"Lately also, Underwood's nice-girl image has tended to attract haters on blogs and in American Idol forums at Television Without Pity (where she's referred to as "Ellie Mae, Clamp It! She's so talented, and she's sweet and beautiful—all in one package.

About a year later, she landed a contract with Capitol Records and cut a few demos (current whereabouts unknown), but the deal fizzled because of a corporate change of management—the usual sad Music City story.