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Jackson Station Church, 370 Justices of the Peace, Erie, List, 315 Judges, Names of Who Have Sat, 384- Journal, The Corry, 442. 16 HISTORICAL INDEX Churches and Cemeteries, 369, 457. An event or a human accomplishment that does not either leave its own record of results, or that has not had a faithful memorial of its occur- rence, might as well never have been for all the value its happening will be to future generations.

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William, Examines Lands, 218 Itemizer, The Corry, 442 Ichabod's Run, 291, 322.

Joncaire, French Agent, 121-2, 123, 129, 131, 149, 161.

10 HISTORICAL INDEX Perry's Headquarters in Erie, 333.

Hunting- Described, 243 Donation District — Lands Selected, 212 Location of, 212.

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