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There are two ways of logging into Snapchat (yes, without downloading any software or file on your Laptop or PC). Go to their site, login with your username & password and done!!

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You can send a selfie or a video to a host of friends, without having to forward the selfie repeatedly for one contact or another. Update: 23 December, 2015Craze of Snapchat in North America is sky-high.

After the selfie has been seen, it is erased from the server. It falls on second rank after facebook in terms of popularity and overall usage, which is tremendous feat for any app.

So just jump on to Method 2, if you want to access whole set of Snapchat features.

This is the most accepted method and the one which I personally use.

However, I’m well aware of the fact that a lot of people do have a need for such services, that’s why we are putting up this guide, just so you can learn how to sign in to your app account through a series of simple steps that anyone can follow.