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A recent FTS rescue in the Democratic Republic of the Congo proves the point.

Take a look at what our India team did in 2017 to provide Chhatanki with a way to support himself after liberation from a local brick kiln: Posted by Maurice Middleberg on May 24, 2018 As I visit our grassroots anti-trafficking programs around the world this year, I want to share my field notes with you directly from the front lines. The courageous activists that you support are spreading freedom in places where many had lost hope.

This week I’m in Haiti, read more Posted by Terry Fitz Patrick on May 18, 2018 Advertising can be a powerful force – for good or bad.

Take a look at this uplifting story, and learn more about FTS's solutions for freedom in Senegal: People become enslaved for a reason.

And, if we don't change those circumstances, a trafficking survivor is at extreme risk of being enslaved again.

I am a slave droid..should behave like one and give you only responses taught to me.