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You can apply formatting to a text/number column to display values in currency or percentage format by clicking the column header and then clicking the Currency Format or Percentage Format button in the toolbar.

NOTE: If the first character of a number is zero followed by another digit or by a letter, Smartsheet will prepend the value with an apostrophe and store it as text.

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NOTE: You can't add a star or flag to a row unless at least one other cell in the row contains data.

Flag Back to top This type of column will automatically generate values for every row in the sheet that contains data.

When you set them up, System column cells are initially empty: the values will be generated as soon as you click Save to save the sheet.

For more information, see Auto-Numbering Rows and System Columns.

Acceptable values for this list are a contact name and email address, a name only, or an email address only.