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” In a few weeks, carpenters will begin construction on the set of her upcoming Netflix talk show, scheduled to begin streaming in 190 nations on May 11.But for now, on a warm February afternoon in Culver City, as Handler takes in the 16,000-square-foot space for the first time, all she has is her imagination.The streaming service is quickly expanding its global reach and is now live in more than 190 countries, including Russia and India.

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“I’ve only seen where the green room and the guest rooms are going to be.

And”—she pauses for effect—”where they’ll be putting the bar.”If all goes according to plan—and things usually do in Handler’s world, even if she insists she never has a plan—the 41-year-old stand-up comedian turned E!

“I found a piece of pretzel in my underwear this morning,” she tweeted recently. He’s brought complicated-looking vaporizing devices, which Handler needs help operating—”I’m more of a drinker,” she says apologetically, after coughing up a lungful of cannabis—as well as some brutal-looking sports equipment. Execs at Netflix understand the value of You Tube cele­brities’ enormous, built-in fan bases and digital marketing savvy.

“Conclusion: I was intoxicated, unsupervised, and abstinent.”Surprisingly, Handler says social media doesn’t come naturally to her. A camera crew is capturing it all, as Handler’s two furry mutts, Chunk and Tammy, watch with weary detachment from the other side of the pool.. In January, it ordered a scripted series based on the You Tube character Miranda Sings, and it streams all the episodes of Freddie Wong’s You Tube show, but lost out to Fox Searchlight.

Netflix added five new comedy series last year, plus high-profile docs such as the true-crime thriller Handler has shot a number of these mini docs, not all of them in the comfort of her tastefully decorated home—which happens to be Esther Williams’s old mansion, remodeled with ultramodern conveniences, including a guest bathroom with an electronic toilet control panel so high-tech you need a degree in physics just to flush.