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With any great city, as long as you put yourself out there, and keep your confidence high, you will have an abundance of fun and success dating in Charlotte.” -Amanda, 27“Dating in Los Angeles can be difficult because everyone is isolated in their cars and their neighborhoods, so you don’t bump into a cute stranger like you could in a more walkable city, like New York City.

That being said though, people in Los Angeles are very active, so if you join a sports league or go to the same Cross Fit class every week, it forces you to strike up a conversation with someone.

Like many women who left a small town to move to the big city, I had a few (read: a lot) of unrealistic expectations about what New York would be like.

While my career has absolutely surprised me — and I’m thankful for how happy it makes me —when it comes to dating in a big city..let’s just say I’ve built an entire blog (and written a book) based on mostly bad experiences about my love life in New York.

Dating in NYC comes with a lot of FOMO — we always think we can do better because for the most part, we can.