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She got a publishing deal and met prominent Atlanta producer Jazze Pha, who helped her get a record deal at La Face Records. The follow-up singles, "1, 2 Step," featuring Missy Elliott, and "Oh," featuring rapper Ludacris, were also successes, both reaching No.

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The picture shows Sienna wearing a flower crown while sitting at a high chair decorated with tulle and fresh flowers.

The snapshot also features a hot air balloon made of balloons and Sienna's birthday cake, which was topped with a crown.

She wrote poems and stories as a young girl, but Ciara never took her writing seriously until she joined a girl group call Hearsay.

Although the group broke up, she saw this as an opportunity to work on her songwriting skills—a smart move, given Atlanta's reputation as a center of urban music talent.

Ciara is also parent to 3-year-old son Future Zahir with her ex-fiancé, rapper Future. News in March that it has been "so fun" but "different" to raise a daughter after having a son.