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This book has great pictures of dug Swords, Axes, Amulets, Spears, Arrow Points, Horse Trappings, Belts and much more. These are mentioned by Ibn Fadlan in his 10th Century description of the Kievan Rus.

Tai composed his own Scandinavian Saga influenced poetry to accompany the pictures. Great stuff and perfect for an introduction to these relics unlike the overwhelmingly exhaustive and academic works by Holger Arbman which cover the excavations at Birka in Sweden.

And in his days there came for the first time 3 ships; and then the King’s Reeve (Sheriff) rode there and wanted to compel them to go to the king’s town, because he did not know what they were; and they slew him. Note dog or fox head effigy and tight geometric patterns.

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These were worn to close a woman’s cloak at the shoulders and were worn in conjunction with rectangular cloisonne’ Belt Buckle Plates with oval loops. “The Visigoths, an Ethnographic Perspective” by Peter Heather page 418, fig. To start researching the protective power of this ancient jewelry, it is necessary to provide a proper definition. It is a female symbol dating back to the end of the Bronze Age.

Only women of very high status could afford this ornamentation. “Art of Medieval Spain”Metropolitan Museum of Art page 59 fig. Women commonly wore the Lunula necklace and used the Lunula elements in various ornaments presenting their devotion to the moon which was a symbol of female fertility.

This example has a nice green patina and was dug in Estonia. This is a fierce looking weapon that had to be wielded by a most powerful warrior. This fantastic example comes from a long time and discriminating Ukrainian collection. Very minor pitting to the iron and thoroughly cleaned and treated for preservation. Dug near Kiev and from a long time Ukrainian Collection.

Made of silver and intended to protect a warrior in battle. Dug near the Capital of the Kievan Rus, Kiev Ukraine. Classic Scandinavian Pattern with wide angular blade. Very rare to find this large and in this condition. $1250.00 A relic from the very first days when Saxons, Angles and Jutish Pirates overran the undefended Roman Province of Britannia.

$26,500.00 Fantastic piece cast in bronze and a great example of the Scandinavian “Ringerike” art style. Most likely used to decorate a Warrior’s Horse Harness or Sword Belt. $950.00 Early bronze type with traces of yellow enamel in recesses. Designed for fast attacks and possibly thrown at enemies like the earlier Frankish “Franciscas”. Note traces of original wooden handle inside the socket. Only very high status warriors or Jarls rode on horseback. This type of heavy axe would be wielded with two hands and deliver a devastating blow to an opponents shield or skull. $395.00 Cast in bronze, these amulets are found in several forms and are thought to possess magical and protective properties. $2495.00 Nearly flawless example with only a extremely minor rim chips and no restoration or repair whatsoever. Interesting geometric patterns with crosses and lines.