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Carter MARRIAGES Jacob , another descendant; it was also published in the Lowndes Co. 9th 1834 Peter E's January 1st 1835 Fed O Bat's child August 12th 1835 Lindes P's January 3d 1836 Henry Nancys August 30th 1836 Stephen Edy's August 25, 1837 Matildy Eliz.'s Oct. Bughes 8/2/1818 Their children: Margaret Elizabeth Hughes 11/17/1836 Lydia C. From Virginia, the move was made to North Carolina where Benjamin and Mary are believed to have lived in Halifax and Edgecombe Counties. Mary Ann Reynolds Hendon 12/2/1887 Marion Co., Ala.

Historical Society Publication (January, 1993) The Old Testament fly-leaf is missing but the New Testament section reads: "The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated from the original Greek and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. Y.: Stereotyped, Printed, and Published by H & E Phinney and Sold by Them at their Book-Store and by the Booksellers Generally in the United States - 1828." FAMILY RECORD [between pages of Old and New Testament]: MARRIAGES: James H. 10th 1837 Hannah P's January 16th 1838 Nina Nancy's April 15th 1838 Sam Malinda's Oct.17th 1838 Isham Luisa's Milly Nancy's 8 July 1842 Tom Patience's 5 Dec.1842 Jack Nancy's 5 Aug. Hughes 12/18/1838 Moses Gilliland Hughes 3/7/1840 Mary A. It is possible that they also lived in Granville and Orange Co., North Carolina.

Bradley) Joanna Skinner was born 1 December 1814 (Wife of William Francis Postell) Emma Jane Postell was born 12 February 1834 (dau. Francis and Joanna Postell) Margaret Ellin Postell was born 12 October 1835 (dau of Wm. Mc Kay married Margaret Jane Postell 22 October 1839 in Beaufort District, S. Dyer and Louisa Nash was (sic) married on the 26 of July 1860 Alfred Alexander Dyer died June the 28th 1894 (I don't believe that this matches the tombstone, but I don't have the cemetery info in front of me) Lousia Dyer died 8 December 1924 All entries other that the birth of Neoma and the death of Louisa are in the same handwriting: Louisa Nash Dyer's. Henry Schurter was born in Freienstein, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland in 1869 (despite internet information to the contrary). ; that he was born at "Scott-Greene," Prince Edward County, VA, 27 February 1840; died Lowndes Co., AL, A. Third page: Mary and Elizeberth was borned Septembo the 2 1863 George Eadr Martin Harrelson was borned April the 21 1866 Elizah Russell ws borne Jan 10th 1869 Eliza A. Harrelson was born May 30th 1876 © "Tracking Your Roots" All material contained on these pages is furnished for the free use o f those researching their family origins.

and 20 days) was found in the 18 Henry Co., Alabama census and Dale Co 1880 Dale Co., Alabama census. Albert Gallatin [email protected], December 29, 1997 This Bible was the first Bible my mother owned as an adult. When her sister, Laura Inez, turned 65, she needed proof of age so Mary tore the pages out of the Bible and sent them to her.

If you would like more info, please contact the Escambia Historical Society, P. Box 276, Brewton, AL 36427 or by email at Bible Records. Hughes 2/7/1860 Marriages Margaret Elizabeth Hughes to Archibald and had their first two children. In 1819, on May 20, Richard purchased land in Lawrence Co, Alabama Territory, Sec. ) ): These pages are probably only a portion of the Bible; however, it supplies very valuable information. Dicey Caroline Hcndon Evans 7/10/1857 Marion Co., Ala.

April 20 - 1923" " Nannie Lee Metts Donaldson, B'ham, Ala. I am posting this information though in hopes that it might be of some help to anyone researching this family. Nancy Lucinda Hendon Harris 12/13/1911 Clay Co., MS.

Hamilton Salt Lake City, February 12th 1942." It was Contributed by Mrs. and Tabitha Postell) John Glenn Postell was born 7 December 1811 (son of James C. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by James Jenkins) Margaret Jane Postell was born (dau. The following Bible pages do not contain much information.

Postell) Sarah Tabitha Postell was born 19 June 1837 Anna Mariah Elizabeth Postell was born 5 April 1839 (Baptized by Rev. Clair and Walker Counties, Cather, Birmingham, 1975. He moved his family to Alabama and started several timber related businesses: a sawmill, millwork shop and furniture making business. Joy may not come - they may not come Nor we to them whose life is o'er Til all join their hosts whose spirit bands Fill all that bright, immortal shore. Harrelson was borned October the 30th AD 1858 Second page: Sarah F.

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