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This needs to be taken into account when reading the tables.Furthermore, the listed hypotheses are not mutually exclusive and are open for further amendments.We indicate with symbols in the tables whether findings originate from peer-reviewed contributions or gray literature as well as from original research or literature reviews.

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We found that research focusing on offshore wind energy within the last couple of years has increased significantly as well, catching up with the vast amount of onshore studies.

Some hypotheses have been verified by numerous publications and a consensus has been reached (e.g., correlation between bat activity and weather factors), while others are still being debated more (e.g., determination of migratory corridors) or remain unknown (e.g., effect on population level).

Hypotheses which have been discussed within peer-reviewed publications, further studies, and conference contributions have been highlighted.

The species group “birds” has been sub-classified due to its heterogeneity, resulting from different behavior and habitat use.

Beyond wildlife impacts, it is also essential to assess possible effects wind farm development may have on scenery and human health (e.g., Knopper and Ollson This review presents a qualitative analysis of international research in the field of wind energy and wildlife interactions on- and offshore.