Constantly updating time excel

The second option Derek proposed works great, but only for the first row of data (4).

I am not quite sure how to make the leap to scanning all the rows of my document.

I can write the PLC code to gather the information. VB(A) programs can use the OPC OLE Automation interfaces to the OPC Server to do this.(C can use the OPC Custom interfaces.)3) publish data to Excel Excel has automation interfaces which allows you to control the Excel object in your favorite way.

However, I am not sure how do get the information from the PLC to Microsoft Excel. Details can be obtained from, but to get you started some VBA/VS Script example code that pumps the excel sheet with process data:: ' connect to running MS-Excel Set xl = Get Object(, "Excel. Regards, ICONICS EUROPE BVRaymond van der Tas I just ran across this short tutorial while searching for an answer to a problem I'm experiencing.

Hope this help Since the original post in 2002 there's a lot more options - plenty of off-the-shelf products have been developed since then that already have communication drivers embedded to just about all the branded PLCs or other I/O out there and can do all the calcs that Excel does and have set up for report generation all built in.

Not sure I know all the names but I know of 3 at least - Xl Report Manager, XLReporter and more recently Dream Report and probably more out there as well.

If you have RSLinx Pro, or Gateway, you can set up a DDE/OPC topic that will easily allow you to enter addresses in Excel fields that will reach out through Linx to the network to the SLC's or PLC's. Audon Electronics sells the CPS Plus software which can capture data from a serial device and place it into any windows appliction, including Excel. Robert Pauley Automation & Control KB Electronics, Inc.