Copy and paste dating Sex talk to girls chatroom

The sucess rate could really be alot higher than I think. But there definately are a large number of guys that rarely get a response, despite uncontrived, probably very good, honest, messages -whether sparingly or a few every day.

And it seems that a few people don't believe this could possibly be the case or at least not for very long.

(and that's probably just a woman that shows absolutely no skin hehe.)Who has the time to even read over a dozen new profiles with their messages every day, and respond to them? But that just goes to explain why some men cut and paste - it was never a criticism of women, nor was it intended to be.

It just explains the posted question, ie why men cut and paste. The thing is, many don't seem to understand why any reasonable man would be driven to do it. I think that would be an insult to my friends to copy/paste messages to them.

It's probably easier to give the shaft to someone here than in a bar I agree with Sahaja completely.