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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Ve to tlinl good shepherd, the Uishop of l^ly, to persuade the sheep to leave off their profanencaa, to turn from the evil of their ways, and to fotla^r (he pious examp Te of their ioadc T." Cole iufonu B uis that "he was Iti»lu*p of Kortricli, he lo^t his first wife in 175-1, who was sister. 19., we read : ** A collection of origiiiil lotter? And by that vile i»l followed they did him more harm than they repair. Tho prince, who was a very good judge of bis own interept, would not have pensioned and promoted tho chief assassins had he thoujfht that they had done biui harm. I cannot trace his nuthonty for saying that Cornelius de Wilt wft,t '* lorn to pieces by the most inhuman torments," or that he '' frequently repeated" the Ode of Horace. Bishop of New Zealand, " May you disagree with the cannibal who cits you ! One poem is called " Besjes Kenues-Pot." Bessy exults in having the fat of two whit Q (wii) gcesc to cook. Kxperieuce and tact are, it U true, important etcment« In succesi, and pro- bably alt llnl attempts will be failures, Yol, as is well known to most practitioners of the art, wherever any differeoce exlat4 b«tweea tho colour of the papr*r and the Ink, that di Oerencft will be rep«ateil in the photographic copy. •' The portfolios of most amateurs generally contain ■pei Timf^n^ of fac-aimiles of old documents; proving that the diffloulty of obtaining them is not so groat as Mr. during the Dublin Exhibition, which probubly presented a.*, miiny difficulties ag are os Aally met wii.h in documents of this kind; and yet no great effort is required to out every lelt«r remaining in the maniiscript rhofof^raphv doei not proteind to re- store whut is effaced or illegible in the original, but thore are feiv things it cannot furnish a faithful copy nf. In the Bibliolh^nue Impf^riale At fnris, by taking photographic copies of the title-pa Kfs, 8cc.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. and pajicrs conccrniiif; Affuirs of lin^tand from UMl to Kito. Ui« enemies bavc taken ad- thrnce to co Mt the infamy of thifl on him rty, tu moke tbem a U odious; though t J*c p f it afti Ktyt to nw with the grtaie*t horror '■^ Burnet, Oit TH Tune, vol.i. In another, a dialogue between a carver and n butcher ; the latter says: " *T it Douw oon Batavter, dkt meeste schlschteu kaii. i if the obntacle^ to taking photograpbii: fac-similes were as great as Mr.

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Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. He rearb'd the tall stone standinjj out and alone, Standing then as H staudeth now ; With his back to the stone he rested his load. That the rest of kis way on the down hill lay, And his wif» would hars ipiced tbe strong drink. The Cavaliers loved the king much, but the Church more; and the Spekes became wild nhout the Kx L^lusion Bill. i NOt to serve my ataoter In this or any thing can be ccpiiblc of, nor in approving niytelfo, My aeareat Lord» Yo' most oblidged and eternally devoted serv*, Gro. Thomas Bowdler, and docs not appear to have ever been published in extenso. 24, 1693, nnd was solemi Uy per- formed accordioff to the Ordinal of the Englis U Ohurcli by Dr. Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, givinrr hi.i consent. hnmil U tniaister, R«vef«ado admoilmn in Chriilo Hn-i rt frstri in Dotnin Q charuaimo Uuliulmo eftilent Frovi({ntia etiamnum* Nordoricensl Episcopo, Mhttcm et fra in Domino charttat«m. It has been ref^nlly reslorwl, and is now printed ty the Scottiah Prrt». Nor docs the name of Ker occur in Chart LTw's List tif Scotish Writer*, nrinted by Mr. in tlie library of the Faculty of Advocates, some years since But Charters is far from complete, although Iiis aiithority, as fur as it ffoes, can always be relied on.