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She went to the school, but the staff said no student had come in that day.

By the time she came back home, her mother had checked Khadiza’s wardrobe and found that besides some strategically arranged items it was empty. Khanom, 32, said in a recent interview at the family home. “She must have taken her things gradually and packed a suitcase somewhere else.”Early the next morning her family reported Khadiza missing.

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But less is known about the Western women of the Islamic State.

Barred from combat, they support the group’s state-building efforts as wives, mothers, recruiters and sometimes online cheerleaders of violence.

Her niece and close friend, at 13 only three years younger than Khadiza, had come for a sleepover.

The two girls wore matching pajamas and giggled as they gyrated in unison to the beat.

But if women are a strategic asset for the Islamic State, they are hardly ever considered in most aspects of Western counterterrorism.