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'I could have become a really big problem for the community and for Warren.

I was a little more outspoken than the average girl.

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The ex-child bride who helped take down Warren Jeffs has revealed that she suffered several miscarriage and a still birth after she was forced to marry her 19-year-old first cousin when she was just 14.

Elissa Wall, now 31, was awarded $16million in damages against Mormon cult leader Jeffs, last September, after she was the star witness in the trial that ultimately put him away.

Neither Jeffs nor the church defended himself or itself in the lawsuit.

Jeffs has been behind bars since 2006 after he was sentenced to life plus 20 years in a Texas prison when he was convicted of several sexual abuse charges with two girls he married as plural wives.

Aged just 14, and despite her tearful pleas, she was married to Steed. And I think the frustration of my cousin, his frustration of being judged for not being a good man because his wife wasn't submissive and she wasn't good — that all compounded the problem.'Wall suffered several miscarriages and a still-birth during the almost four-year-long forced marriage. Her pleas to Jeffs to intervene resulted only in her being told off for not being submissive enough.