Crazy dating texts

“Okay single peeps, knowing that I might use it in a blog post, what is the creepiest or weirdest thing someone has ever written to you on a dating website or app?

” That was the question I asked over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook wall. And by hilarious, I mean that as a whole they make me laugh.

I got too many,phones full of em lol3 irish guys having speech woman therapist says"if yuo can say where you're from without stuttering i'll give you a blow job". The woman replies "He didn't kiss my ear,he whispered he's gay,horny and looking for vaseline.i told him it's in the bathroom ; let's see who's f***ing strong now!! Paddy was in the pub telling his mate about his first parachute jump when he joined the said they were at 30.00 ft and 1 by 1 they started to it came to his turn he couldn't do the big sergeant pulled out his 12 inch penis and said "Paddy if you don't jump i'll stick this up your a**e!!

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I already have the wedding booked for the Elvis Wedding Chapel on the strip so I’m really banking on you to say yes to this or I’m going to have to just find a stripper and I don’t think the plan will turn out as well.”14) “I don’t want to frighten you away, but my wife killed two of our boys and then herself.

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It’ll be a smash.”9) “I would like to meet you face to face, you are so beautiful when you sleep.”10) “Nice endowment.”11) Him: My wife recently passed away. I really have to go now.12) “i am a vampire and i fly over your house and your work and watch you. i’ve already let my master see you he thinks you’re ready.”13) “So I was thinking, we are clearly the two best looking people on this site and we should take advantage of it.