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On the 26th, we curl up, watch movies, drink warm drinks, and enjoy the peacefulness. When you make espresso using the old-fashioned moka, you don’t always get that foam layer so apparently, making crema was a way to fake it.

I baked my seasonal favourites and happily gave them away as gifts and tokens. Before you serve your espresso, dollop a generous spoonful of the crema in to your espresso cup and then pour over the freshly brewed espresso. We don’t always make it, just once and a while as a very special treat.

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But today I baked for me and I decided to make this Almond Puff Loaf from King Arthur Flour. The crema will start to melt and as it does, it will rise to the top foaming a magical foamy layer. So I’m bringing you this sweet little gift to say hello again!