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These activities may include inclusion in student orientations, campus-wide emails, pamphlet materials, and/or outreach to peer leaders/influencers.

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Counseling, therapy, or other care performed by a licensed (or certified) professional (including forensic interviews of victims not performed by law enforcement officers or prosecutors); 3. Equipment and technology (including vehicle purchases – see Program-Specific Requirements below for special conditions for vehicle purchases); 5.

General law enforcement or public safety (public presentations or outreach designed to help identify victims or develop victim assistance programs only); 6.

Equipment, technology, and supplies used in the provision of forensic medical services (such as colposcopes or high-definition cameras); 2.

Activities performed by SANE nurses that are not medical or legal services (such as emotional support, advocacy, or program coordination); and 3.

Grants to Texas nonprofit organizations, government agencies, hospital, and IHEs to provide direct services to crime victims in order to assist them in the criminal justice process and speed their recovery.

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