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she could have stayed her the whole duration of series!! In the first half of the series, he plays as a villain but when he was saved by Yong Pal from getting executed, he suddenly has a changed of heart and showed a good side of him.. It's so unpredictable and there are twist in every scene. Screenplay, dialogue, direction, acting everything is so awesome in this drama. The villain is Jo Hyun Jae the evil greedy corporate brother and they are also in a medical setting with decent supporting cast. The only thing that bothered me was how the story starts to sink when the evil brother dies. But thats pefect time will wait for that come through! I really wanted to have episode 19 ;) Last 2 episodes broke me into tears that I can't handled why they don't have a happy ending, hoping that I can see if they had their wedding at the church where they stayed and live a simple life that they wish to. T_T I see Jung woong in in a different light in this drama. He saves Kim Taehee the princess in this drama from her medically induced coma.

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Kim Tae-Hyun (Joo Won) is an excellent surgeon, but he is constantly harassed by debt collectors due to his younger sister. She deserved more projects like action series where she can be the Lead , as ive mention above i like story actress that have strong personality! which is far different from his role in Queen Seon Deok and Empress Ki.. The show should have ended with the death of the evil brother.

His younger sister requires expensive kidney dialysis. I cannot express my feelings when i watched this Series, to the point that i cannot afford to watched another series again cause im afraid they wouldn't be able to met my expectation , and no other series can be great as this next to Empress Ki, Ive been a fan of a Smart/Arrogant while soft inside at the same time submissive when shes around of his Leading Man ,as for me in that way story can be more interesting story will circulate more between Lead actor & actress , i also love Joo Won's character as he soooo f*in calm and with that im praying that i can have a man like him? You can never guess if who will be the next traitor! or at least they close the series with a great ending i was both happy when she was brought back to life again at the same time when Tae Hee woke up it seems like there could be a potential sequel because its not clear yet what happen with those traitors ? Down to the last two episodes yet, here I am pitching my review. I must say Kim Tae Hee is one of the versatile Korean actresses as she did very well in this drama. Instead you get couple of episodes at the end which fills like a filler.

Jo Hyun Jae is that actor that has always played the sweet baby faced hero prince in countless Korean dramas. Simply because Kim tae's mother death was due to Hashin group, Yeo jin cancer was having partial influence of Hashin group members and don't let us forget Kim will take the post. One thing I think should be noted is the ending of a script should have an element of clarity. The very first place I suspect that this movie will stir up me disliking it was when yeo jin betrayed her husband; well that part is very realistic thou, but I quite new that definitely ex-chairman wife was coming back for her own revenge too.

Here, he is menacing, intelligent, cold, heartless, articulate and passionate. The scene of the dinner party is a standout scene for Jo Hyun Jae. Move over Jo In sung and Jung Woo Sung, here comes Jo Hyun Jae! I end up coming back to this drama every time "Nightmare" ,its haunting OST plays. Although he has a soft mind but on that floor (13th floor, the chairman post) u can be build to having a hardened mind and heart. And that was the point the movie is prolonged, it could have ended there. I thought Yeo-Jin is gonna die for sure with that Hill scene but thank god it was not like that.... Also I didn't like the character of Kim Tae-Hyun, why the hell did he left his wife's home? With all the possibilities in front of him, yet he choose to deny them all and leave... I know what she did was not good considering what her brother had done to her for 3 years, but if she had left her oppa (Do-Joon) alive, he might have attempted kill her again... Seriously, the guy needed psychiatric care more than anything...

Why did they fall in love with each other so fast, and so deeply, that was dramas biggest mistake This was a very good series.