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Currently, dating has grown into a life style, and the impossible has been made possible whether you are looking for love or just a casual fling. What is the code we are trying to crack, and the name of the game if you want to throw yourself into the fast-moving dating market? A proper relationship with the aim of establishing a family? And even though she is no longer surrounded by Vikings, she can still be dangerous.

How do we encounter and read each other if we can not use the traditional approach to courting in its physical sense, as dating in this country has gone much more virtual and online? Danish men, on the other hand, have long ago exchanged their battleaxe for the computer and sometimes the apron, since cooking and especially eating and drinking is an important tradition in Denmark.

The Danes consider family and security as their most important values.

Can Danish men be gentlemen; do they expect you to make the first move? The pattern of traditional gender roles in Scandinavia has undergone a huge revolution over the past 50 years. There are still a lot of similarities between the “Shield maiden” (the feminine Viking warrior) and the modern Danish woman, even though there is about a thousand years between the two.

Polarity of the feminine and masculine values swapped places throughout the 70’ties, 80’ties and 90’ties which generated a considerable amount of confusion between the genders. Nevertheless, the Danish women nowadays will need to be approached in a slightly different way.

Many individuals who approach me are challenged with emotional inferiority complexes, stress, fear, not feeling worthy of being loved, an impression of being overlooked in their relationships and not understood and valued by their partner.

I am specialized in helping people take themselves seriously by accepting and embracing their emotions, desires, needs.

Besides, I offer lectures and tutoring to schools, minor and larger groups.