Dating a mommas boy

But, if you think you may have a momma’s boy on your hands, take note of these telltale signs.He can’t buy anything without discussing it with his mother, first.

And, yet, the one thing that we , ahem.) For what it’s worth – and trust me, I’m smart enough, and respectful enough, to know it’s worth plenty – she had him first, both literally and figuratively. It goes a little something like this: (Socially repressed) son walks into a bar, sees the back of an attractive older woman provocatively nursing a Cosmo, approaches and…cue music and ensuing family dysfunction! If as parents we are doing our jobs “correctly” – according to whatever school of thought we’ve been inundated with this week – it means that we are often too (self) conscious about the kinds of emotional cues we are giving our children.

For starters, my husband’s mother and I don’t share the same race. We don’t share the same philosophies, ideals or first impressions.

What’s important to recognize is that there is a period at which sons “need” their mothers – that point is and act accordingly – and appropriately, for that matter. And if you haven’t, then permit me to share some observations, which are by no means the panacea. Now if you happen to be clueless to this sort of emotional red flag, then mark my words, it’s the ultimate relationship downer.

If you detect the slightest inkling of this (at point in your relationship), you need to run, don’t walk, screaming in the other direction.

However, in my opinion, the bad outweighs the good — as his momma will always try to control you, will always be in your business, will always tell him what to do, and you will never be first. So ladies, if your man exudes these signs, just cut your losses and move on.