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Not saying that people can't recover, they can and they can become great people but it really take ALOT of dedication therapy ect. It seems odd that she would be attracted to someone who led that kind of lifestyle.

This lad may well be reformed, but you should talk with someone that knows specifically about recovery and they may also help you relate better to your daughter.

There is quite a lot of help out there - once you look for it.

I took this symbol to be a syringe (which is what really put me on the heroin path), but he tells my daughter is a tattoo that tattoo artist have like a fraternity symbol (he at one time was working on being a tattoo artist, I have been told), and she believes him. Well, as you know sharing a needle can lead to many diseases, including HIV. i say tell your daughter absolutely not, and if she continues to see him, you want nothing to do with him. then she got involved with a "former heroin addict" that introduced her to the drug. I know this is a bummer to read, so I apologize, so here's a joke: So there's this guy whose got a drinking problem and a bar tender suggests he go to AA.

Is it true that people in recovery are urged to stay out of romantic relationships for at least a year? You may want to discuss with your daughter the health risks involved with dating this guy. you can get kicked out of rehab for all sorts of reasons, especially not following their rules. she eventually got to the point that her parents said she was a lost cause and needed to keep her away from the rest of the kids. He stays sober for two days, then he goes home and his dog bites him. I'm broke, tired, pessimistic, hopeless and dissapointed. I imagine it must be one of the worst things in the world to watch you child make these decisions.

did he say "*** you people, i'm doing what i want" etc? she has no use of one of her arms because of the drug use. My drug of choice was a prescription painkiller (or seven). The addiction is about 10% drugs, and 90% whatever brought you to them. That's the kicker - the program doesn't fix you, you have to do all the repair work yourself. Now then, last thought, you - Mom - should tread very carefully here. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do that won't cause the exact opposite end result you believe to be correct. Hopefully he alienates your daughter in a speedy fashion and she can move onto better things. My brother ran into some problems last year and while we couldn't get the truth out of him at the time, Mum went and did a course for parents of addicts.