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Even the adults who had no current interest in their first loves, including those who had only bitter memories, revealed that these early romances influenced their life-long attitudes about love, and even about themselves. Only half of my adult participants who tried reunions with first loves had been sexually active years ago; the other half had not.

The longer I study lost loves and lost love reunions, the clearer it becomes to me how important young love really is. This intense love does not come along every ten minutes. Revised 2013The reason some people can't get over their first love? Yet all of these people wanted to reunite with their long-lost loves and tried it.

For some people, it may come only once in a lifetime. Remember that I am looking at men and women ages 18 to 95.

Their initial romances were often many years ago, and sex was not normative when they were in their teens: the teens' morality of the times was against it, the risk of pregnancy and stigma was high until the pill became available in the late 1960's, and there was no legal abortion.

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