Dating black escorts in atlanta

Edit: I think this would be an interesting University study.

I did a scan in Denver. I can't find exclusionary statements outside of "No black men" across the US.

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Also, African Americans represent a large part of Atlanta (at least in this case), why should they be singled out, it seems bad for business.

It is discriminatory, seemingly against one particular race and once again, I feel bad for business.

Well because I rarely see "No Filipino men or No Irish men or No Japanese, men",etc. Either the preference is universal (which I can't imagine, the same preference for everyone) or it isn't a personal preference.

Evidence abounds since at least the Roman empire that people of African descent were seen as uglier than others, at least from a western perspective.

But it seems on various escort sites that "black male or african male" is the only race that is being targeted/disqualified.