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For me, the discussion should concentrate more around the factors which are truly crucial to the taste of a beer: the quality of the ingredients, lagering times, pasteurisation, filtration and carbonation.

This is an attempt to have an objective look at what can be a very emotive subject.

Now, some people may be a little shocked and perhaps even outraged by the title of this page so a few words of explanation first.

Everyone (with the exception of the lambic brewers who disqualify themselves on other grounds) uses yeast as well as the water, malt (and that's specifically and exclusively 2. Exactly why this is allowed in top-fermenting beers and forbidden in bottom-fermenting beers is a riddle to me. Let's face it, Heineken Pils is brewed according to it. Plus all the pesticides and chemical fertilisers you like in growing the barley.

It's a bread protection rather than beer protection law. You will note that German brewers don't advertise the fact that sugar is sometimes allowed in their beers. Are you seriously accusing that of being a top-quality beer? Some German brewers got most upset with people brewing organic beer, because they saw it as a challenge to their claim to purity.

Anyone who compared the washing-up water blandness of Eschwege Pils with the wonderful Mhlhausener Pilsator would know why: the DDR beer simply tasted better.