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However, we will NEVER force you to do anything that you are not at least slightly willing to do.Saying this, nearly every single man who come to us with severe approach anxiety, is approaching girls non stop by the end of the evening, even without our encouragement.Q: Will I be forced to approach women if I have severe approach anxiety. I sincerely believe that this bootcamp is essentially about giving you the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, with the guidance and experience from myself and my team to support you along the way.

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While participating in a bootcamp, you will be gaining access to the newest pick up techniques.

An informed instructor will clearly and efficiently communicate the Love Systems methodology, showing you the nuances that can't be learned in any other way than through direct experience.

Many of my students just need a little more information before making the decision that will change their current situation with women to a whole new level.

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I also make sure that my star instructors and wing girls are present at ALL workshops and bootcamps. Q: Are there ever times when there will be too many students on the bootcamp?