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Formulas for definition of maximum permissible deterioration of chains and radiuses of an arrangement of axes of hinges of the worn out chains of type DR (drive a roller) on an asterisk with a standard profile are resulted.

The modernised profile of teeths of an asterisk is presented. A comparative analysis of the microstructure and propertiesof coatings obtained by electroplating and electro-mechanical ostalivaniya, shows photographsof sampleswith recovered fiber and microstructure resulting layer.

An analysis of four main oscillation forms of disturbing force of oscillating devices used at flat vibrogrinding with cross-oscillated giving performed.

Calculated the mean and maximal values of force, velocities, displacements, amounted power and diagrams made for specified oscillation forms and selected optimal form for machining efficiency The authors of the article the theoretical development of the background of the secondary gene techno-inorganic nanostructured new abrasive materials with a desig-nated set of properties, analyzed the basic laws of diffusion in solids and its underlying mechanisms.

A control chart model intended for NC machine tools and taking into account the machine tool adjustment features being the need for cutter wear and the part dimensions monitoring has been proposed.