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Dating and identifying jewellery's guide - Here we have written a short guide for identifying and dating jewellery that was produced from 1700s, Georgian period up to today.

Then a brief look at the last two decades and the twenty first century.

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Charles Horner | Silversmith, Jeweller Located in Halifax in West Yorkshire and assayed in Chester (Note.

Dates in brackets are the date of listed items by the maker) Charles Horner Ltd (1900)(1944) Silver Hallmark C.

Victorian Era (1837 – 1901)With Queen Victoria reign came the industrial revolution and new cheaper designs in jewellery.

Paste – glass mixed with white lead oxide and potash. Nowadays old clear rhinestones tend to also get called paste, but this is incorrect.

Flexible bracelet consisting of six curving rectangular plaques with central panels of irregular blue and purple enamel; between each enamelled plaque is a geometric openwork motif also in silver.