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Treatment may involve medications, lifestyle changes, and alternative therapies.The exact cause of migraine headaches is unclear but research scientists agree that a key element is blood flow changes in the brain.

Neurology research can be both basic research as well as applied research.

Basic Neurology involves getting a better understanding of the functioning of the nervous system at the tissue or cell level, and identifying specific genes or proteins implicated in neurological diseases.

The 23rd International Congress of Parkinson`s Disease and Movement Disorders 2019 is dedicated to topics related to areas such...

Omics International publishes 304 Open Access Articles in 13 International Journals it has 32 Upcoming Conferences and 15 Previous Conferences with 581 Conference Proceedings and 92 National symposiums so far in the field.

Half to three quarters of the adults aged 18–65 years in the world have had headache in the last year and among those individuals, more than 10% have reported migraine.

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