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Most of the sexy lingerie I’ve worn in the past has cut into my skin and makes my nipples feel like they are getting sawed off by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre villain, but this bra is comfy AF.

I can wear it under a t-shirt without any chafing or digging.

Readers can take 20% their entire Knixwear purchase with the code knixlee20. Upsides: soft, supportive, “hug-like” feel, full coverage, no nip slip issues, comfortable to wear all day Downsides: awkward length (is it a crop or a bra?

), straps This bra makes me feel sexy and makes me feel like myself.

I know you have to replace bras often, but for close to $50 I want my bra to last at least a year!

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    Decide where you’re going for dinner and then invite her there. It’s not that Russian women don’t like to make decisions—in fact, in a lot of Russian relationships, women have the upper hand; it’s just that showing assertiveness shows that you’ll be able to match her decisiveness rather than leaving her to do all the work.

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    You just shouldn't be hot tempered and act out on impulse.

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    If we extrapolate as far back as ten thousand years ago, we find the atmosphere would not have had any C-14 in it at all.

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    Sediment columns giving an unbroken history for more than 25,000 years have been identified in about 30 locations around the world.