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Mackenzie Davis, in a nicely pitched performance, gives Tully an aura of benevolent mystery.

She’s not just interested in taking care of the child, but of Marlo, too, and she seems to be able to anticipate her needs and desires.

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I’d been technically capable of driving for years, just not legally allowed to, and the prospect of my learner’s license danced on the horizon, as tantalizing as the ladies in Playboy Magazine- !

Meanwhile, the industrious people of Nippon were building some of the hottest machinery ever to come out of that country: the last Samurai of the twilight of the Japanese automotive empire. The 300ZX twin-turbo wanted to play hide and seek with the Corvette.

But “Tully” eventually must turn over its cards and state its intentions, and that’s where things get dicey.

Out of nowhere, the movie lands in the zone of gimmick, by carting out a story trick that’s clever and yet hard to believe in terms of the characters.

The movie opens with Marlo (Theron) pregnant with her third child.