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In the new trailer that premiered at Cinema Con in Las Vegas, audiences got to see the true story of John Callahan, played by Phoenix, who goes to counseling to deal with his alcoholism.

Along the way, he meets a fellow alcoholic named Donnie (Jonah Hill), who introduces himself at the rehab meeting by saying “I was having a great day until I had to stand here in front of all of you! Ethan Hawke deserved to kick back after making the rounds for two films at Sundance Friday night, "Blaze," which he wrote and directed, and "Juliet, Naked," which he stars in.

” Also Read: Shane Black Unleashes ' Predator' in First Trailer Peek Also starring Rooney Mara and Jack Black, the film has earned rave reviews at Sundance and Berlin, with praise for Van Sant’s screenplay, which he worked on with Callahan.

Kirsten Dunst is a good actress, she takes risks, seem to have a mind of her own and an eye for fashion.

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