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His motives are not necessarily predatory, nor are the motives of women who do they same, but they are self-serving, and if they try to sell you the idea that they’re doing you a favor by “being there for you” or “helping you get it out of your system,” that’s probably just their way of justifying their own self-interests.◊♦◊We say horrible things when we break up.

We don’t mean to, but we do, and then we leave our ex to heal alone, knowing that the person we usually lean on in times of healing no longer wants us around.

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This exacerbates your vulnerability and makes you more likely to jump into a relationship you aren’t ready for with a person who is wrong for you.

Bottom line: no matter what you see on social media, you don’t know your ex’s actual situation.

Rebounding isn’t something that happens once with a single partner; it’s an emotional state that a grieving person undergoes after a break-up, and there isn’t a limit on how long that grieving takes, nor are there fool-proof steps to get through the grief faster.◊♦◊We all have our own selfish reasons for leaving our partners, just as we sometimes have our own selfish reasons for staying.

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    To start things off, I can tell you that one of the things that guys will talk about is who we think is a hot chick.

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