eco dating - Dating fernandes guitars by headstock shape logo

ok i've got a chance to buy a Fernandes guitar really stupidly cheap.

However, i can't locate this guitar in any of the Fernandes line.

So i'm starting to wonder if it really is a Fernandes at all. But if it helps...305713If you can help me figure out if it is or not, i'd appreciate it. And if it's a real Fernandes, chances are it's worth at least 4 times that Found this page: know if it is of any help, but if you scroll down they write a bit about serialization of Fernandez guitars.

Here's the quote: "Serialization The older Fernandes guitars do have serial numbers on occasion, and can be found on the neck plates of the Stratocasters of the Revival series, but otherwise, Burny and Fernandes didn’t often use serial numbers.

The late 90's model to present will have the palace-shape and 3 screws truss rod covers."So, how to identify if it's the real deal or not I have no idea. EDIT: Been going through their whole product list on their homepage but can't see that particular model.