who is lo bosworth dating 2016 - Dating for dorks

People are strange, that's something you'll learn in life as you go on.

If one likes someone that's not so attractive, then that's cool.

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I know women will go on and on about how looks are not everything and beauty is only skin deep but lets be real here.

I had a friend a while back that was not good looking,wealthy,funny,charming or anything of the such yet he got a very large ammount of attractive females on a regular basis.

I get that there are a ton of shallow women out there only looking for money but Im talking about the guys that lack the money,looks or personaliy yet women are attracted to them.

It seems like these days the time old imagine of "tall dark and hansome" has turned into short pale and ugly.

Many of these women are not "shallow" as you put it rather they would prefer to be with someone who can stimulate them in more than one way.

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