Dating for the mentaly ill

Most other residents where my sibling lives are not looked in on by their family members at all. You as parents can do this and name someone to carry out your responsibility so that in the event of your death their care is continued to their best interest. You may need to call 911 to transport the individual to hospital but because you have guardianship, you can make that decision.They may still refuse while in the hospital but in the proper care and under supervision the situation can be assessed so that the next appropriate procedures can be set in motion.

The person taken as a ward may be shown to be a harm to his health or others or unable to care for themselves.

Each state has different resources and it would be nice to be able to have a list of those resources, whether State or Private or Non-profit and their ratings.

During or right after a hospitalization go for temporary guardianship. Don't ask for a big guardianship - ask to be able to get services, health care info etc..

If your son is like my brother he can't take care of himself in his condition.

You have the right to represent yourself and when the court people got frustrated or surly I would remind them of that fact.