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Regarding the running order, I was able to work out what I think is the correct order as the contract asked Skynyrd for a 45 minute slot starting at 7.30pm - so they obviously opened.Rare Earth would always headline over BOC back then, so BOC were obviously on second.

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BOC were playing New Orleans on the 24th, so they weren't exactly going to be "in the area" for this gig on the 25th... Boris Badenov Jul 22, 2016 PM They filled in for Blue Oyster Cult, nobody had ever heard of LS. How can you have a HIT if we've never heard the song???

Here's further proof that BOC cancelled and were replaced by Skynyrd: Boris Badenov - Jul 22, 2016 PM Reminds me of the time in Feb 1974, when we booed Lynyrd Skynyrd off the stage when they opened for Black Sabbath at Nassau Coliseum. There's a time and a place for everything, and sometimes it's other times and other places. with the Southern Drawl, they cockily stated, "This next song's Gonna Be a Hit! So they played Sweet Home Alabama, which was a disaster.

I'd also like to thank Bolle Gregmar, Peter Nielsen of the and Bert Gangl for their help with a number of gigs on this page. Reviews, ticket stubs, missing support band info, posters, flyers, missing venue names etc etc - if so, let me . The announcer walked onto center stage as a huge "Hooray" filled the auditorium...

A gig at The Wollman Skating Ring in Central Park on the date of Jan 12, 1974 does not make sense to me... the lights grew dimmer, and suddenly I felt myself growing faint yet again...

I do recall hearing the announcer's voice as he yelled enthusiastically out to the crowd: "On your feet for the amazing Blue Oyster Cult! and as the first note of the band's opening number resounded loudly in the air - face first to the floor I crashed.