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and by total devotion I mean she is willing to give up her current life plans, and devote her entire being to supporting you on your journey …

making you her first priority above everything else, including her family.” Now this may sound cool to an immature guy who lacks experience in relationships, but I have had TOTAL DEVOTION and it is quite insane and not needed or wanted. Rx’s system can be used by PUAs to achieve the zombie/slave thing if that is what is wanted, or to just get laid every night, but what I respect about Mr. Rx and Dating To Relating, is that this is not the goal.

A first I had high hopes that perhaps Vin Di Carlo and his new Pandora’s Box personality system would dethrone Mr. Rx and his Dating To Relating system as the #1 system for approaching and meeting women.

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I believe the majority of men are just like me and want to know how to meet the woman of their dreams and marry her and never lose her.

So I believe the majority of men need a product that addresses this. He says that his system is so powerful that men have to be responsible with his system and not hurt women with it, but I think this was just sales hype rather than true intention.

Though I feel that Vin Dicarlo’s approach is definitely superior to David Deangelo’s approach, I feel that the combined study of Dating To Relating and Double Your Dating is still superior to the combined study of Dating To Relating and Pandora’s box.

However, as a system I would say I definitely would put Vin Di Carlo and Pandora’s Box ahead of The Mystery Method (or Love Systems) and Neil Strauss’s materials.

His eight different personality types and his website that trains you on each had a ring of workability about it that seemed to surpass Dating To Relating in simplicity of approach if nothing else.