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They include links to members who have Liked your profile, added it to their Favorites or merely visited your profile without saying anything.

To respond to a lady’s interest or initiate relations yourself, your first 20 credits will be spent rather quickly and won’t get you very far.

Descriptions of syntax still derive from BNF (Backus Normal/Naur Form), dating back to the 1950's; parsing techniques were regularized in the 1960s. Now, if we're fashionably up-to-date, we'll shun general-purpose programming languages ('GPLs') like Java or C# and do development by creating a model or writing a program in a Domain Specific Language ('DSL'). Let's look at what happens in language terms when we use a DSL, taking regular expressions as an example.

The "regular expressions" DSL was one of the languages built in the 1970's to assist UNIX developers.

The target audience of Victoria Hearts is men and women who want to build meaningful long-term relationships with people from other countries and believe that they have a better chance of finding their perfect partners online.