Dating impaired visually

Fully-blind individuals– for example– don’t care much for Tinder or Bumble.

Those apps rely so much on showing you images of your potential matches, leaving way less room for questions or bio’s.

So tough in fact, countless books and self-help gurus want to give you the secret formula to finding a great mate.

dating impaired visually-62

This whole article is sharing a lot in itself, I certainly wouldn’t shy away from a few questions on a date…even on a “speed” date.

A friend with a different disability however, has even more of a “full disclosure” approach.

Sometimes I’ll talk about it before the first date, or sometimes on the third.

Whenever the conversation arises, it’s always with a comfortable, positive, and open-book approach to the topic.

I present with albinism (light hair, very pale skin), but unless you were familiar with that condition before we met, it’s unlikely you would have suspected me anything other than “ginger”.