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The Centreorganizes seminars on very diverse topics by visiting experts workshops and conferences on topics of current interest.The CTS considers the cultivation of inter-disciplinarytheoreticalresearch as a major goal largely because of the diversity available in the academic population of IIT Kharagpur.

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The lab also has a strong collaborative network with top university research groups across the globe. Tarun Kanti Bhattacharya [email protected] Centre for Railway Research (CRR) is a collaborative venture between IIT Kharagpur and the Indian Railways to develop a long-term framework for research aimed at driving significant advancements in the field of Railway Technology and productive utilisation of the rail infrastructure.

The thrust areas of research in the Centre are Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Heavy Haul Technology, High Speed Rail and Advanced Maintenance and Operations.

There are several research groups in the lab, who have specific areas of expertise, such as Digital Design, Analog Design, RFIC, Power Management, Test, Verification & CAD, and MEMS.

In recent times several vertical domains are emerging which exploit the expertise of multiple research groups.

It is also responsible for providing other infrastructure support such as a central email system, access to common software packages, web hosting, and large computing labs for supporting different institute courses.