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Victoria then found herself pregnant with Cole's child.She arranged a meeting with Cole to tell him, but it didn't go well.

She has three brothers, Dylan Mc Avoy, Nicholas Newman and Adam Newman, and one half sister, Abby Newman.

Victoria is the mother of Reed Hellstrom, Johnny Abbott through adoption, and Katherine "Katie" Newman.

Victoria discovers that Brad cheated on her with Sharon Newman shortly after they married. Victoria becomes pregnant shortly after, and is unsure of the paternity of the child. JT names the baby Reed Hellstrom after Nikki and because a reed is strong but bends in the wind. Reed is baptised and Nick and Phyllis are named his Godparents.

Their marriage is very happy until the couple faces problems in 2009, when JT kisses Colleen Carlton and Victoria sleeps with Deacon Sharpe in retaliation.

Victoria has always kept her maiden name as a sign of her independence.