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Last February Dr Hallett – pictured at a rally with Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John Mc Donnell – was a signatory to a letter in The Guardian urging people to join the ‘#Our NHS’ national demonstration, which was addressed by Mr Corbyn and supported by Momentum.

The letter branded Theresa May’s relationship with Donald Trump as ‘transatlantic appeasement spectacle’.

Set up in 2015 to support the values of Mr Corbyn’s left-wing leadership of the Labour Party, the group has become increasingly influential in recent months, with its founder Jon Lansman winning a place on Labour’s governing body – the national executive committee.

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I’d suggest keeping your first dates in the 60 to 90 minute range.

(I know that I’m going to take flack for this philosophy. Just because they got married after a long first date, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have been an equally successful pair after a short one.) Now that you know roughly how long — actually, short — a first date should be, let’s talk about what to do on that first date.

Committee members called for it to back a Labour NHS rally held last week and an NHS demonstration being organised next month by two anti-Tory groups, one of which has claimed the Government are ‘killers with blood on their hands’.

In emails seen by the Mail, committee member Dr Bala Karunakaran called on the junior doctors group to think about ‘engaging’ with the Labour rally, which was addressed by Mr Corbyn on Thursday.

It claims to be growing by an average of 1,700 new members a month.