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The Ocoee was the site of the whitewater events for the 1996 US Summer Olympics, which brought much well-deserved attention to the county and to the beautiful Ocoee River.

The Hiwassee is a bit milder, and is a favorite venue for fishermen, and for locals and visitors to leisurely float in rafts or tubes and enjoy the gorgeous scenery along the way.

Soon after the Great Removal of the Cherokees to the West, Polk County was formed by an act of the Tennessee legislature the 2nd of November 1839 from land taken from Bradley and Mc Minn.

Polk County is located in the extreme Southeastern corner of Tennessee, with an area of 439 square miles.

As a result of the copper mining, vegetation was killed for miles near the sites and left the landscape open to erosion.

In addition to copper mining, the county has three hydroelectric plants on the Ocoee River and one on the Hiwassee River that are operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Polk County is located on the southeastern corner of Tennessee and is bordered by North Carolina and Georgia.