Dating now korean series

The producers scan both of their bodies to create photorealistic 3D avatars, including molded faces plastered with rictus grins.

(I’m guessing this is why they’re using the Vive instead of Facebook’s own Oculus Rift, since one set of Vive trackers can serve multiple headsets.) The ostensible entertainment is watching people flail around with rubbery limbs, joking about how weird they look in VR.

Sometimes the avatars turn into dinosaurs or get whisked to a lunar landscape, and you can watch them joke about how weird is in VR.

North Koreans are forced to adhere to a doctrine which mixes Marxism with the worship of North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung and his descendents.

Pictured are soldiers marking the 65th anniversary of the country's founding in Pyongyang Joong Ang Ilbo reported that in Wonsan, in Kangwon Province, 10,000 people were ordered into Shinpoong Stadium, and forced to watch eight people, who were tied to stakes with sacks over their heads, being killed by machine guns.

One is that such a low-budget film looks so good visually.