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TAGS: Goat Simulator, Goat, Simulator, Goat Simulator Game,100million score, Fire balls, Goat Simulator 100million points, Goat Simulator 100m, Goat Simulator Playthrough, Goat Simulator Gameplay, Goat Simulator Download, Goat Simulator Playthrough, Goat Simulator highest score, Goat Simulator Best score, Goat Simulator Tutorial, Goat Simulator how to, Goat Simulator fireballs The process is very easy. At certain point, you will score and the goat will go ragdoll (you can force this yourself but is safer to just wait). The goat will keep jumping and getting random points pretty fast.

Just select one of the fuel tank, get it very far away using your tongue and then make it explode. Keep it for some minutes till you get the points achievements : PGoat Simulator is a third-person perspective simulation video game developed by Coffee Stain Studios.

- Devs please put the game on a sale so I can save 4 bucks - I don’t like ___, please add an option to remove ___ - Performed Satanic rituals to summon Phil Fish - Plz come back - Actually optimized the game a bit - What use are ladders when you can run on the walls? - We actually bought a stuffed goat head IRL for our office, we have no idea what to do with it. - Killed PC gaming - How long will the patch notes be?

- Added five new colors, all of which are unseeable by the human eye.

It was released for Microsoft Windows via Steam on 1 April 2014, while ports for Mac OS X and Linux are presently being developed.

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